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Welcome to the special Wave ordering page. You will automatically receive a 10% discount on your order, by starting from this page. No coupon or special code required. Below are links to products designed to fit your software perfectly.

Real Client Testimonials

With our need for totally customized check stock to match our benefits software, I think we’d worn out our welcome with almost every check printing company on this side of the country and even one in the US before we reached out to the folks at check Print. Honestly, with the volume of checks that … Read more

Simply the Best

In the few times I have dealt with check Print, I can only say good things about this company. John Kittell has been extremely helpful and pleasant and most recently has proven that customer service is a top priority. Thank you John for pushing through an urgent check order!

Isabel Henriques

Employees answered questions quickly and were accommodating.

Christine Celestin

In my experience, checkPrint has been the easiest provider to deal with in the industry, with excellent pricing and delivery times and wonderful customer service.

Amy – ALOC