Check Stock Security

All checks we print start from the same secure check stock. When choosing between our marble and linen versions, you are not giving up any security on the check stock.  The only difference is the background ink colour and the border patterns.

We receive a lot of calls from customers asking us “why don’t you use the little gold hologram or gold patch on your checks” or “I was told I MUST have this on my checks”.

The hologram or foil stamp is not mandatory to meet any banking standards.  Listed below are a number of reasons why we don’t use the hologram/gold foil stamp on our checks.

  1. Check Print uses only of the most secure check stocks available in North America and we always have.  Our security is built into the stock and is not simply added as window dressing after the fact.
  2. The hologram is applied to check stock or any other paper.  We can do it easily just as any dishonest printer or fraud artist can.  No real security comes from this. 
  3. When checks with the hologram are scanned, a black box appears.  Not only does this not give you any security, but there is no way for anyone to tell that the box was a hologram and not just a black printed box.
  4. These holograms have been known to flake off in some laser printers and in fact some manufacturers of laser printers may not honor a warranty if these holograms have come off inside the printer.

Our check security is built into the stock and not simply added!