Can I really order my checks from a source other than my bank?

Yes. Until check Print came along only a small handful of suppliers provided business checks, and no supplier provided a complete line of both business and personal checks. Finally you have an alternative.

Will your checks go through the banks, just like the ones I have now?

Yes. We guarantee it. All our checks have been tested and given two thumbs up by the check clearing houses used by all Canadian financial institutions.

Can you print checks for any financial institution?

Yes. We can print your checks drawn on a bank, credit union, or an on-line virtual bank.



Why do you offer only one level of security check stock?

Why should you have to choose how secure your checks are? We take all possible precautions by using DocuCheck® stock. We don’t believe in compromising on security so we only offer the safest most secure check stock. (For a full description of DocuCheck security features, click here.

Do you offer the hologram, heat-sensitive or VOID pantograph check stock?

VOID backgrounds are not allowed under CPA guidelines, as they do not disappear when a check is scanned and may interfere with information on the checks. Heat-sensitive inks and holograms are add-on features, and are not part of the check stock. If we can print them, so can a dishonest person. We prefer to use the most-secure check stock with security features built into the stock and not simply added for window dressing.  Read more.



How do I know my business checks will look the way I want?

Simply request a proof copy that can be faxed or e-mailed to you before we print the checks. We offer this to our customers free of charge.

Do I have to know the format of your checks for my accounting software?

If you're using software that we are not familiar with we will request a copy of your existing check and match the format exactly - guaranteed.

Are your business deposit tickets imprinted with my company information?

Yes, we imprint our deposit tickets with your company name, address, and account information.

Do you print checks that will work with an ink-jet or bubble-jet printer?

Yes, we call them “laser checks.” These checks are printed on an 8.5 x 11" page compatible with laser, ink-jet and bubble-jet printers.

What is the difference between a laser check, manual check, and personal check?

A “laser check” is any check that can be run through your laser printer. A “manual check” is a check that you handwrite onto. A “personal check” is a check used by an individual as opposed to a business.



Why are your prices lower than our current supplier?

We strive at all times to be a smart alternative to the national suppliers. We keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you.

How do I pay for my check order?

For all first-time, business & personal check orders we accept VISA or Master Card for pre-payment.

How do I re-order my checks?

If your order is an exact repeat, you can call or fax us your re-order form, or e-mail us your order number. If you're making any changes, mark up the re-order form and send it to us. You can also call our office and we will pull your previous order details and update whatever you need for your new order.

Is ordering online or by credit card secure?

All on-line credit card transactions are processed through a secure site and by one of the largest credit card companies - Authorize.net. No data is stored once the transaction has been processed. All credit card transactions placed in our offices by phone or by fax are processed immediately and then all credit card information is destroyed. We never keep any credit card information on file. If you would like to pay for an order by credit card, you will need to provide us with all of the details for each transaction.



What do I do if there's an error on my checks?

Simply call us and give us the reference number on your re-order form. We'll make the necessary changes and re-run the order.

Why do you re-run business orders at no charge?

For every business order we call to verify the details of the order. If we make a mistake, we accept the blame and set it straight.



How is my order shipped to me?

For all business orders we ship by UPS  All orders can be tracked unless we are instructed to do otherwise. All business orders must be signed for upon receipt.

Will I be notified when my order ships?

Yes. If you placed a business order, an email will come to you along with the tracking number for your UPS purchase.

We have used checkPrint services for the last two years.  The product is exemplary and the customer service is great.  They happily make any alterations requested and the product arrives in a few days with affordable shipping rates.  It is the friendly helpful customer service that put them on my 'favorites' list for online supply sources.
– Kareway Homes