Privacy Policy

Check Print Solutions does not sell or rent our customer lists – PERIOD.

We will from time to time present opportunities that we feel might be beneficial to you or your associates. At no time will you be obligated to take anything, and all programs, specials or opportunities will be strictly on an “opt-in” basis.

Privacy Policy

Check Print Solutions Inc. takes considerable precautions to ensure the privacy and protection of your data collected through the use of our on-line forms or faxed order forms and your personal information. Access to submitted data is restricted to the account holder.

We will never provide your name, data collected from your forms, or any identifying information about specific users to any third party for any purposes (including for marketing or advertising purposes) without your permission, unless required by law. This includes not using any email address you provide for any third-party solicitations without your permission.

Content Collection

The protection of personally identifiable information is of the utmost importance to Check Print Solutions Inc. and we hereby agree to collect and protect user information in accordance with our stated privacy policy.

Credit Cards

All on-line credit card transaction are processed through a secure site and processed by one of the largest credit card companies – PayPal Manager. No data is kept on any servers, once the transaction has been processed. All credit card transactions placed in our offices, by phone or by fax are processed immediately and then all credit card information is destroyed. We never keep any credit card information on file. Should you want to pay for an order, by credit card, you will have to provide us with all details for each transaction.

If you have any specific questions about privacy or security on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at CONTACT US.