Payment / Credit Policy

All orders placed with Check are subject to our standard credit policies and will apply to all customers. Any exceptions to the policy must be approved by the credit manager and will be documented in writing.

Custom Print Items – Non-check Items

All custom items will be invoiced in full prior to the order being processed. 100% of the invoice amount must be paid prior to any printing.

Credit Card Orders

All customers can choose this option and either pay by credit card online, at the time of placing their order or by giving us the credit number prior to their order being produced. We accept VISA or MasterCard. All customers paying by credit card will receive a credit card receipt in with their order. Should a legitimate charge be rejected by the credit card company or disputed by the customer, a $25 service charge will be applied to the customer account.


On some occasions, Check Print will allow a customer to be invoiced and not have to pre-pay for their order. When a customer is invoiced it is agreed that the payment must be received at Check Print within 15 days of the date of the invoice. Check Print, at their discretion, may grant other payment terms, as approved by the credit manager.

Repeat Orders

Unless otherwise stated, the customer agrees that the payment type used on the most recent order is the same payment type that Check Print will use for future orders, unless otherwise instructed by the customer.


Shipping is paid for by Check Print, with a few exceptions.  For full details, read our shipping policy >

For additional information, read our Return Policy >