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Ordering Checks in the US

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to ordering checks from outside your bank. It is completely legal to order checks online in the US. You can order checks from third party companies such as Check Print, and get an order of checks that is equal to or even higher quality than you would receive otherwise.. National standards for checks allow for qualified print shops to produce a wide range of types and styles of checks. You can order US bank checks from any private website, so long as they comply with US banking standards. Thousands of individuals and businesses looking to order checks have trusted Check Print for over 20 years for their check orders – well before the online era. The internet has made the check ordering (and re-ordering) process easier and faster, so you can order checks in the US with more convenience.

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Why Use and Order Checks?

Though some people think checks are an outdated method of payment, ordering checks is still an ordinary and necessary business practice. Many people – and especially businesses – actually prefer using checks due to their simple accounting software integration, easier auditing and reconciliation processes (the “paper trail”), quick cancellations or stop payments, and a shorter delay in payment processing that allows for better cash flow. Hidden security features also make them much more secure than most people may realize. With the option to order checks online, using checks is easier than ever.

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US Check Standards

Every order of checks by Check Print complies with the stringent standards that are issued by the US Banking Association. These include a number of layout and manufacturing regulations, but are generally focused on two key areas:

  1. Magnetic Image Character Recognition (MICR) Encoding – the standard sequence of numbers at the bottom
    • These numbers must be printed in special magnetic ink, with a specific font, size and format. This is because automatic reader machines use metallic reactions to read this code.
      Pro Tip: When writing a check, it’s important not to make any marks in this area.
  2. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) imaging – the overall layout and formatting
    • The placement of certain data must be in specific places so machines can read it.
      Pro Tip: When writing a check, it’s important to print clearly and not have any numeric digits in the long-form amount line.

When you order a check book from us, you don’t need to worry about these details. Our skilled team of printing specialists will ensure your check order complies with all standards and requirements.

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