Order Checks in Canada

Did you know that you can legally order cheques online in Canada? It’s true – you can order Canadian cheques online legally, as long as they comply with Canadian Payments Association (CPA) standards. But people and businesses have been ordering cheques from Check Print for nearly 20 years – long before online cheque ordering. Though the internet has made the cheque ordering process a bit easier and a lot faster, our printing and delivery process remains the same. And although some people in Canada think they are an out-dated payment method, many Canadian businesses actually prefer using cheques due to their easy accounting software integration, easier auditing and reconciliation processes, easier cancellations or stop-payments, and small payment processing delay. Hidden security features also make cheques much more secure than most people realize.

Ordering Checks in Canada vs. USA

Although recent standard formatting updates have made American cheques very similar to Canadian cheques, there are a few key differences between ordering cheques in Canada compared to cheque ordering in the US, where cheques remain highly popular:

Canadian cheques have different account numbering on the bottom than in the US due to our different bank account number structure

US cheques have fractional routing and transit numbers on the top of the cheque to better differentiate between bank branches

US cheques sometimes use a special numbering algorithm to help prevent cheque fraud

US cheques do not use holograms – this is a Canadian advent due to the prevalence holograms on our currency

US banks generally charge less for their cheques and cheque-related fees because there is more competition for private banking. That is why it’s better to order cheques online in Canada, as you are supporting a local business, rather than a big bank, and will generally get a lot better service for your money.

Canadian Check Standards

Check Print complies with very strict standards issued by the Canadian Payments Association. These include a number of cheque order and manufacture regulations but are generally focused in two key areas:

Magnetic Image Character Recognition (MICR) encoding – the standard sequence of numbers at the bottom of a cheque

These numbers must be printed in special magnetic ink, with a specific font, size and format. This is because machines use these numbers to read the cheque via metallic reactions.

Pro Tip: It is important not to make any marks in this area when writing a cheque.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) imaging – the overall layout and formatting of a cheque

The placement of certain data must be in specific places so it can be easily read by machines.

Pro Tip: It is important to print clearly and not have any numeric digits in the long-form amount line when writing a cheque.

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Ordering cheques from Check Print Canada was quick and easy and definItely better value for money than my own bank.
– Jayne Ryan