The Hologram Myth

You know the gold foil holograms on some of our Canadian currency? These are a built-in security feature, among others to help protect against forgers. Some have seen a similar hologram on check stock and equated the same sense of security with checks as with currency. These people would be mistaken. Here is the MYTH: These … Read more

Self-Inking Deposit Stamps and Why You Need Them

“Having a Self-Inking Deposit stamp that never requires an ink pad allows you to spend less time organizing checks and looking for lost payments, and more time focusing on the important business tasks at hand.” When your company receives checks in the mail from customers, what typically happens to them?  A lot of Canadian companies … Read more

Security Feature for checks – Invisible Fluorescent Fibers

check security has improved significantly over the last several decades. One interesting feature that you want to make sure your check provider includes is invisible fluorescent fibers. This small security element can prevent a stolen check from being falsified or forged and can mean all the difference in protecting both the payer and the recipient. These fluorescent … Read more

Mango to intensify security checks

Low cost airline Mango says it is intensifying efforts to combat bank card fraud following a sharp rise in dishonesty with both cloned and stolen card instances. Mango says as of Wednesday all travelers will need to present the card used for payment either at check-in or at the boarding gates. If unable to do so then … Read more

Is Your check Stock Using Up to Date Security Features?

While many check manufacturers incorporate security features with their checks not all are compliant with CPA check standards and some may not actually help with check fraud. Here is a comparison of different check security features to help you cut through the confusion. According to statistics, 64% of check fraud affects the scammed victims. Therefore, … Read more