Styles Of checks

The style of check needed depends mainly on the purpose; are you giving a birthday present, paying off an invoice, or, are you completing your weekly payroll.  Once this is determined, the check styles are as follows:

  1. Personal checks – Handwritten and ideal for presents, rent or other common items.
  2. Manual checks – Used by smaller businesses with less usage, to pay off monthly expenses, payroll and invoices
  3. Business checks – Used by small to medium sized business, with more usage, to pay off expenses, payroll, invoices and any other items requiring fast, secure and timely payment.

Why check Print?

Necessary, Convenient & More Secure Than Ever

Canada has the most efficient way of depositing checks, which makes checks a large player in Canadian business every year. When people think checks, they often only think handwritten personal checks, but that is not the case.  There are multiple kinds of checks that all consist of different purposes, layouts, and styles.

Once you know which check you will need to get the job done, the next step is to determine the layout.  The layout is especially important when it comes to business checks, as these will be placed through your accounting software and run through your personal printer – talk about having perfect alignment!  Lucky for you, we are certified in multiple accounting software’s, allowing us to line up the check perfectly to your desired software.  If by chance we have not used your layout frequently, we will work with you to develop the perfect alignment – all for FREE.

For laser/inkjet checks, you can pick from our software compatible options, that include:

If you are using a specific accounting software, you can pick from these options:

  1. check on Top – Example: Xero, Simply & QuickBooks;
  2. check in Middle; and
  3. check on Bottom – Example: JV Nexus.

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Of course, you always have the option of going with a fully-customized check that can include full colour, printing on the check stubs and whole lot more.  Explore our options for custom checks >

Now that you know more about the differences of checks, and what the most common layouts are, talk to one of our check specialists today and start your FREE proof – you will be glad you did.



Written by Grace – check Specialist

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