Ordering and Setting Up Your checks for Accounting Software like Quicken, Simply Accounting and QuickBooks

Is it time to order checks for your accounting software? Maybe you have been using the software but not using the check printing feature. Good news, you don’t need to order expensive checks through the software company or from your bank. Companies like check Print Solutions can provide the same quality, if not better, for less money.

In fact, if check Print has previously printed your manual checks, the switch to laser/inkjet printer checks is only a phone call or email away. Contact us and we will take all the data that we have on file (including your logo if applicable) and prepare a no-charge proof for your review – that’s it!

If you are looking to start from scratch, here are some considerations:

1. Choose the colour background of the checks you would like to order.
2. What information do you want to print on the checks?
a. Company Name
b. Address, Telephone, Fax, web address, email address
3. How many signature lines do you require: 1 or 2?
4. What start number would you like?
5. What quantity of checks would you like to order? (don’t forget to look at our starter kits for savings of 25% or more, PLUS added items)
6. What’s your banking information – Branch, Routing Number and Account Number (our online ordering is encrypted so your data will be kept secure).
7. Do you want to include a company logo? Black & white or colour? Maybe it’s time to look at a full customized check (the watermark can be your logo, or you can pick special company colours)
8. Make sure your checks are using the best check security. Review our up to date security features

Moving to accounting software like Quicken, Simply Accounting or Quickbooks can save a ton of time and money. Being able to have your checks tie directly into your software and with the ability to print them on your laser or inkjet printer, means less record keeping mistakes and less writing time.

To save both time and money, make sure you use a company like check Print and take a few moments to plan out your check requirements.

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