Lamination – It’s not just for placemats!

When we think lamination in the printing world, a lot of people immediately think of things like placemats or posters.

Light Bulb

  • How about laminating a business card? Not just in the usually glossy laminate, but in a soft-touch laminate that provides an intriguing and yet somewhat comforting feel when handled.
  • How about the cover of an often used or reviewed manual, just to keep the overall first impression as a positive one.  Lamination can be used to enhance, amplify and express the importance of a document, while protecting and maintaining the overall look and feel.
  • Bookmarks are not only a necessity, but a handy item to give away to customers or potential customers.
  • Laminate the front of labels or stickers to help preserve them longer and protect them from handling or moist situations. Laminate them to last longer.
  • Heck, even a unique one of kind placemat is still a good item to laminate.  Create a series of placemats representing your Canadian business, staff, products or just something you are passionate about and sell them, use them as a fundraiser or simply give them away.

Lamination can be used for a number of items and yes, even placemats.

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