D&H checks – What are they and why does the name seem familiar?

D & H, also known as Davis & Henderson, has been a partner supplier of checks to most financial institutions in Canada for a number of years. Most people in Canada think that the only place to order their checks is at the bank, and some may even think the bank actually prints the checks. However, there are no legal or contractual reasons that an individual or business must purchase their checks from their financial institution. Anyone can order Canadian checks from independent companies, as long as the companies are fully compliant with the CPA (Canadian Payments Association) requirements for MICR and check imaging.

We Don’t Lend Money and Banks Don’t Print checks

DH checks Canada is an independent company that has contracts to print personal and business checks on behalf of the bank. Some people think D&H is the only check supplier authorized in Canada. Over the years, check Print has emerged as a great alternative to the bank checks (read D & H checks) simply because people like a choice. People like options and flexibility, and do not like monopolies in any form.

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Advantages of D & H checks

Most people only order checks every 9–12 months so it is not something most people are familiar with. It can be daunting to order online or find a reputable and professional supplier. Once you have chosen them, you must now understand products, security features, MICR information, software formats and a number of other issues. This is why some people prefer ordering D&H checks through their bank. However, it’s important to note sometimes going to the bank to discuss these issues is not easy either, because the teller may look at you with a glazed look in their eyes, not entirely sure what to say. Often they will simply give you a toll free number and tell you to call D and H checks directly.

Disadvantages of D & H checks

D & H is perfectly capable of printing your checks. However, you may want to deal with someone on a more personal level, add some unique printing including colour logos and design features and more. You may also have lots of questions or want to speak with someone that is not only going to take your order, but will in fact work with you throughout the process of proof, approval and printing. You want a satisfaction guarantee that your job will be done right. Aside from the savings of time and money, these are all great reasons to choose check Print. Find out what our satisfied customers are saying in our Testimonials section.


D&H checks are certainly one option, but you owe it to yourself to look at other check alternatives, ask questions, become better informed about check ordering and usage, and in the end, do what is right for you.

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