(D.F.S.) – Do you Suffer From It?

Do you suffer from Donor Fatigue Syndrome (D.F.S.)?

Yes, Donor Fatigue Syndrome (D.F.S.) is real. Your organization has many people that want to support you, but they feel tapped out, overdrawn or are simply fatigued from giving. The solution? check Print. Real PeopleReal Solutions, Real Easy; a check printing company, that has created an excellent fundraising opportunity for your not-for-profit group.

Every donor and supporter of your group, either uses checks themselves or know of people that do. These could be personal or business checks. Now, these people could continue to order their checks the way they normally do, which might be from the bank or some other generic company. Or, alternatively, they could order them from Real People, with Real Solutions, Real Easy at check Print.

check Print has been printing checks in Canada for the past 16 years. In these 16 years, check Print has printed millions of checks, with thousands of satisfied customers; you can be assured they really know their checks.


check Print has recently introduced their new and revolutionary program for any not-for-profit group. The program is very easy. Here’s how it works:

1. Your organization signs up; there is no cost or commitment;

2. You are given a unique link to our online website;

3. Your supporters order their checks – which they need anyway; and

4. We send your group a check for 10% of the total that ALL of your supporters spent that month.

That is it. Real People, Real Solutions and most importantly Real Easy. Keep in mind that the average business order is $200, which would be $20 to your group, just for letting your supporters order what they already need; without compromising price, quality or ease.

Real People, Real Solutions, Real Easy –that’s the check Print way!

For more information, please click here sign up today!

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