Creating Customized checks – Here’s Some Important Things You Should Know

checks no longer need to be a boring piece of stationery. In today’s world you can customize them with cool backgrounds, colours and even a special message to promote the business. While customizing checks can be fun, here are a few essentials to keep in mind.

Online check Printing Services

Online check printing services are one of the best options for individuals interested in custom check design. The online process is a quick and safe way to order your custom checks. Picking an online provider of custom checks will also give you access to a graphic designer. This is not typically available through your bank. You want to ensure that your design is consistent with your company image and colour palette.

Benefits of Choosing This Option

Custom check design options come with competitive prices. Online check printing services, like check Print Solutions offer lower prices than banks. The main reason for this is that they send the printed checks directly to the customer, cutting intermediaries from the production chain.

These possibilities come with added customization features. While banks offer a standard set of design templates, online companies provide catchy designs, custom fonts and monograms to personalize computer printed checks.

Better security features rank among the biggest benefits, as well.

Custom Printing Yourself

Some companies will look at printing their own checks, however this comes with an increase in expense and risk.  Firstly, you need to invest in a laser printer (no inkjets) that is MICR toner ink compatible. These MICR ink cartridges typically cost between 3 and 5 times more than regular toner cartridges.  Then, you need the check stock that meets the CPA check standards.  Next, you will need to ensure 100% that all MICR characters (funny looking digits with your bank account on the bottom of the check) are not only perfect in size, shape and location, BUT that the density is of the ink is between 80-100%. Too low or too high in signal strength and the checks might be rejected. Your best bet is to leave this to the professionals, like check Print Solutions.  They have been printing custom checks for almost 25 years and they guarantee their work!

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