Mango to intensify security checks

Low cost airline Mango says it is intensifying efforts to combat bank card fraud following a sharp rise in dishonesty with both cloned and stolen card instances. Mango says as of Wednesday all travelers will need to present the card used for payment either at check-in or at the boarding gates. If unable to do so then … Read more

Is Your check Stock Using Up to Date Security Features?

While many check manufacturers incorporate security features with their checks not all are compliant with CPA check standards and some may not actually help with check fraud. Here is a comparison of different check security features to help you cut through the confusion. According to statistics, 64% of check fraud affects the scammed victims. Therefore, … Read more

This is How Much Data You Leak Daily

You’re leaking data every day, from the moment you wake up—and hit snooze on your smartphone alarm—to the moment you turn on the heat — and Smart Grid knows your home for the night. How much data do you leak? One terabyte. (That’s a lot.) Find out more!

Visa Introduces Prepaid Clearinghouse Service to Help Reduce Fraud

Visa has announced a new Prepaid Clearinghouse Service – “a centralized database that allows financial institutions, processors and prepaid program managers to share prepaid card data such as enrollments, load funding, suspected fraudulent information and previously reported fraud on existing card accounts.” Visa says the new service will provide information sharing to better identify and stop fraudulent … Read more

Banking Operating Models – Then and Now

A recent poll by American Banker Magazine reported on the impressions of the future of banking and generated some interesting perspectives about what the future will be like. While there were several insights, one comment especially captured the essence of the future! Read the whole article on Bank Innovation!

Common Forms of check Fraud

Many people think the days of check fraud are long over with. After all, technology is at a point where it’s hard to do anything illegal with a check, and banking systems have long upgraded their methods of dealing with checks. However, check fraud still exists and it persists. These days it seems like it’s … Read more

Tax Identity Theft: It’s in the Mail

Through mid-February, employers, banks, brokerage firms and others mail out those year-end documents consumers need to file their tax returns, providing identity thieves with a once-a-year opportunity to easily get a hold of choice personal data. Read the whole article here!