The Hologram Myth

You know the gold foil holograms on some of our Canadian currency? These are a built-in security feature, among others to help protect against forgers. Some have seen a similar hologram on check stock and equated the same sense of security with checks as with currency. These people would be mistaken. Here is the MYTH: These … Read more

Online Ordering

Choosing the Best check Ordering Website When ordering checks, it’s important to use an SSL secure site, so your information cannot be stolen. The best website to order checks from is also one where you can pick the product you need, select color options and then fill out all your banking details quickly and on … Read more

Fintech vs. checks

I just read an interesting article around responsibility and liability for check fraud.  The following text especially caught my eye.           Relevance for FinTech?             As financial service providers turn increasingly to technology solutions (“FinTech”), startups and legacy institutions alike are wrestling with anti-fraud initiatives on electronic platforms. The risks involved are arguably much higher … Read more

Styles Of checks

The style of check needed depends mainly on the purpose; are you giving a birthday present, paying off an invoice, or, are you completing your weekly payroll.  Once this is determined, the check styles are as follows: Personal checks – Handwritten and ideal for presents, rent or other common items. Manual checks – Used by … Read more