Exclusive Offer For Canadian Accounting Professionals - 10% Commission on orders from clients.


Check Print is a Canadian company that has been working with accounting professionals for more than 17 years.  We have over 10,000 satisfied repeat customers, but we want more customers! Instead of investing our marketing dollars in a marketing agency, we thought why not invest those dollars into value-added referral sources, like you?

That’s where YOU come in!

How the program works:

  1. Fill in the form below or give us a call, toll free: 1.877.846.6996.
  2. We provide you with a custom landing page, complete with your logo and and a welcome message.
  3. You put links to this page on your site, in emails or on your social media. You are free to let you anyone know about Check Print and the products we offer.
  4. When an order is placed through your custom URL, your organization name is attached to that order.
  5. We prepare the order as we would any other order.  We tag them in our internal system, with your name.
  6. When your supporter places a repeat order or add-on order, they are all tagged with your name.
  7. Monthly we run a report, tally up all orders associated with your organization and we send you a cheque in the amount of 10% of all eligible orders placed.
That's it. No commitments (long or short-term) from you.
Stop using the URL anytime, let us know and we will disable it immediately. No other fine print.

OK. Let's Start Talking

Real Client Testimonials

Great service and so much cheaper than the banks.

Lozen Developments

Everything was great very fast service. Thank you.


This is absolutely the BEST check printing company I have ever used and usually I always keep my eyes open and look for better deals, however, after ordering checks for 4 different companies now from check Print, I have no desire to look anywhere else and I plan to keep buying from check Print for … Read more

This is absolutely the BEST

Great. Friendly.


**Free PDF proofs are not included with personal cheques, however they are available for an additional fee if desired.